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New Hampshire Reviews

Below you will find (2) two of the best HVAC Schools in New Hampshire.  Each of these schools have an informational video, pricing, a link to their HVAC program and reviews if any were found.  No matter which school you ultimately decide on, you'll be investing time and money in exchange for their HVAC training program.

HVAC Schools

Therefore, we suggest taking a moment to educate yourself about each school so that you can make an informed decision and receive the biggest educational bang for your buck!

We recommend starting with the HVAC training schools page first, as it will help guide you through this important decision making process.

Bradley's HVAC Schools
New Hampshire Reviews

Manchester Community College 
1066 Front Street
Manchester, NH 03102
Phone:  (603) 206-8000
Website:  HVAC Program
Pricing:  (call for current prices)  
Undergraduate certificate in Advanced HVAC Certificate - $6,645.00  
School Training:  1 Year
Undergraduate certificate in Air Conditioning/Refrigeration - $8,820.00
School Training:  2 Years
Undergraduate certificate in Heating Services Certificate - $8,829.00
School Training:  2 Years
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The New Hampshire School of Mechanical Trades

7 Perimeter Rd 

Manchester, NH 03103

Phone: (603) 622-6544 

Website:  HVAC

Pricing:   (call for current prices)

Air Conditioning Technician - $2200

School Training:  120 Hours

Refrigeration Technician -  $2800

School Training:  120 Hours

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